The Old Jinchang SWI

The pages in this section are dedicated to the old Social Welfare Institute. We have decided to keep these pages as our daughter and all children adopted before 2003 were cared for in the old buildings. The new buildings were taken into use in 2003 and, as you will see, are a significant improvement on the old buildings. The new buildings are built on the same site as the old buildings and demolished to make room for an old peoples home, once the new orphanage and kindergarten were taken into use.

The Social Welfare institute started in 1989 with funds from the local government and the Jinchuan Nickel mine. A number of the nannies in the pictures on the following pages still work at the SWI.

The first children were adopted from Jinchang in the summer of 1999, and our group followed in February 2000. Yanmei was the 13th child adopted from the Jinchang. 

The following information was submitted to a Swedish family in conjunction with the adoption of their daughter in 2001.

Briefings on Jinchang Social Welfare Institute.

Jinchang Social Welfare Institute was established in 1989 and is a non-profit organization of being taken the adoption as the main task. For many years, thanks to the profound concern of municipal government, support by the society and especially the great assistance by Jinchuan company, we have made considerable progress.

We are having 45 children totally including 35 normal orphans and 11 disabled children. Presently we are in the transferring period i.e reorganizing the organization into a complete children´s welfare institute. Among 45 children, the oldest child has turned 11 years old, the youngest one is less than a month old. Apart from 2 boys, the rest children are girls. We name them after Jin as the meaning of Jinchang. Most of the children were abandoned just after their birth. We deem it several conditions such as the feudal idea of regarding men as superior to women, congenital malformation resulting in being unable to afford to pay medical expenses. It is quite different in terms of abandoned places. Some of them were abandoned in the entrance of the government authorities, some of them were abandoned in hospitals, some of them were abandoned at public places and some of them were abandoned in the entrance of the institute. Through the coordination by the relevant departments as well as the security bureau, our Institute has taken up the responsibility of bringing up the orphans.

Each nanny´s monthly salary is RMB 180, but they are irrespective of remuneration. Nowadays their monthly salary has increased by RMB 300 so that they offer more honestly as a tribute to these poor children.

In 1999 we started to do inter-country adoption work under the guidance of the provincial Civil Affair Bureau. Up to now we have assigned 23 children to the countries like the States, Spain, Holland and etc. for adoption.

March 2001
Jinchang Social Welfare Institute

At the end of January 2002, the following mail was posted on the Gansu group website (a website for children adopted from Gansu province) by the mother of Joi, adopted from Jinchang. The mail read as follows:

My mom just got a letter from Jinchang orphanage! About a year ago, her church group decided to send some donations to the Jinchang orphanage because that's where Joi is from. They made 20 quilts and many people donated quite a lot of new clothing items. In all, there were 5 large boxes that they sent by mail. We worried that they never received them because she never did get a return receipt. But just recently she got a letter from the orphanage saying that they did get them.

The letter was totally in Chinese, so she had to get it translated. Here is the translation:


We received the 5 boxes containing the presents that you sent. We apologize for not replying sooner due to the fact that we were not sure about your address. We very much appreciate the love and concern that you have expressed for the children. Our orphanage has a total of 69 orphans. Among them there are healthy children, handicapped, premature newborns, and also some almost school-age children. All of the children's clothes, room and board, and transportation are fully funded by our country and the government in order to assure the well being of these poor children. However, our country is a developing country and, moreover, we are located in a remote and underdeveloped area. Therefore, if we only depend on the government support to raise these children, we still face a certain amount of difficulty. In order to assure the healthy and happy material and emotional development of these children, we still could not succeed without having the support from various people from the community and kind-hearted persons like yourself. We sincerely hope that you and the people around you will continue to care for and help these unfortunate children. In behalf of the entire staff at the orphanage, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and the people around you. 

Wishing you happiness and good health,
Province, Jinchang City Orphanage, December 17th, 2002